Process Safety Management (PSM) Program & Risk Management Plan (RMP) Development Services

Oil refinery set against partly cloudy skies
Oil refinery set against partly cloudy skies

Process safety management (PSM) programs and risk management plan (RMP) development are one of Pinnacle Engineering’s core service offerings. With both industry and consulting experience, our engineers can handle requests ranging from compliance audits to complete program development and implementation support. We work with existing or new facilities and plants to develop right-sized programs that meet your operational needs and satisfy regulatory requirements.

Our goal is to continue to build upon our reputation of delivering high-quality services, maintaining open and responsive communications, and providing cost-effective solutions that consistently meet our client’s needs.

Customized to Your Industry and Unique Chemical Processes

The flexibility in building process safety management programs can only be leveraged with specialized experience. Our team functions across diverse industries and chemically involved processes, from oil and gas refineries and mid-stream fuel transportation to other niche manufacturing industries. This depth of experience gives us the capability and understanding to apply all 14 elements of OSHA process safety management standards to your unique situation.

A supplemental offering to PSM development services is guidance on developing a risk management plan (RMP) and submission for compliance with EPA requirements under the Clean Air Act.

Backed by Specialized Engineering Expertise

Pinnacle Engineering’s process safety management program services were developed and are managed by a team of experienced engineers. Each brings a wealth of industry knowledge and chemical processing expertise, along with our exceptional customer service.

Meet the Team:

  • Jon Holland: Pinnacle Engineering’s Engineering Technical Manager and Partner with over 10 years of experience in heavy industrial and manufacturing industry.
  • Cami Snow: Senior engineer specializing in industrial compliance and with over 10  years of experience in industrial engineering.
  • Matt Henry: Senior chemical engineer specializing in air quality and process safety compliance and with over 20  years of experience in environmental engineering.

PSM/RMP Program Development and Other Related Service Offerings

Programs start with a consultation for scope development and applicability determination.

Both new and existing OSHA Process Safety Management programs must undergo an audit every three years. Pinnacle utilizes a comprehensive audit checklist along with engineering experience to help clients understand the compliance of their PSM programs and recommend sustainable solutions.

Every facility subject to OSHA’s PSM standards must undergo a PHA re-do or re-validation every five years. PHA’s are additionally required for new manufacturing processes and complex process changes that are subject to PSM standards. Pinnacle’s team of PSM engineers have facilitated PHA’s for a variety of clients and industries and have used a variety of OSHA-acceptable methodologies (HAZOP, LOPA, What-If, Checklist) for PHA facilitation. Our team works to organize your PHA on the front-end, smoothly facilitates the PHA sessions, and delivers a sustainable report which documents the PHA findings.

PSM Program development is right-sized for your facility and compliance needs. Pinnacle has extensive experience consulting on and developing sustainable systems and programs for all 14 elements of PSM. Hire us on the front end of planning and building a new processing facility to help you develop and implement an OSHA Process Safety Management program. Our team also works with plants and facilities to assess and redevelop existing PSM and RMP plans.

All process safety management program services include implementation support at your facility. We walk through the written documentation and provide guidance on training your staff and contractors.

Additional Services

  • Engineering feasibility analysis
  • Facility response planning
  • Environmental permitting
  • Regulatory representation
  • Environmental compliance permitting & assistance

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Pinnacle Engineering is dedicated to the health and safety of all – our employees, our clients, the environment, and its communities. Our foundation was built on our culture of safety in and around everything we do, and we continue to prioritize those initiatives to this day.

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