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At Pinnacle Engineering, we pride ourselves on being the pre-eminent choice for tackling our client’s environmental challenges head-on with urgency and efficiency. As responsible stewards, we collaborate closely with clients to address their environmental challenges and develop cost-effective remediation strategies. From in-depth site investigations to environmental and social reviews, our expertise ensures compliance and resolution for your most difficult environmental challenges.

Our goal is to continue to build upon our reputation of delivering high-quality services, maintaining open and responsive communications, and providing cost-effective solutions that consistently meet our client’s needs.

Our specialization in green and sustainable bioremediation techniques allows us to effectively address historic and incident-based contamination. We are dedicated to restoring the environment to its natural state while promoting resource reuse and reallocation.

Our environmental review services include wetlands, threatened species, cultural factors, and other NEPA analyses. Our ESDD expertise ensures compliance and mitigates financial risks while also protecting your business and its surrounding environment.

Navigating the complex web of environmental regulations through permitting, documentation, and reporting is an integral aspect of our work. Our team is skilled in preparing comprehensive reports, handling NEPA compliance, and managing all permitting and reporting requirements. We ensure that your projects are in full compliance, allowing for smooth and efficient project completion.

Our methods for solving specific environmental issues take place with services like site investigations and implementation of remedial actions. We conduct in-depth testing of your site, comparing results to industry standards – but our expertise goes beyond just numbers. We possess a deep understanding of the history of the site and the natural environment, allowing us to offer valuable insights into its origins, associated risks, and available options for remediation.

Our expertise in environmental regulations, compliance, and due diligence ensures our clients meet or exceed regulatory and financial requirements. We believe that protecting your business and the surrounding environment is of utmost importance, and work as an extension of your team to accomplish these goals.

Additional Services

  • Construction Management
  • Drone & Technology Services
  • Drone & Technology Services
  • Emergency Response Management Services
  • Environmental Management Systems
  • Environmental Permitting
  • Evaluations and Assessments
  • Hydrology/Hydrological Engineering
  • Permitting Services
  • Regulatory Representation
  • Risk Management Planning
  • Site Investigation & Remediation
  • Site Planning & Civil Engineering
  • Storm Water Pollution Prevention Planning
  • Stormwater Management Engineering
  • Surveying/GIS Mapping Services
  • Sustainability Services

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Our commitment to health and safety.

Pinnacle Engineering is dedicated to the health and safety of all – our employees, our clients, the environment, and its communities. Our foundation was built on our culture of safety in and around everything we do, and we continue to prioritize those initiatives to this day.

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Environmental Engineering Solutions for a Better Tomorrow

As responsible stewards of the environment, Pinnacle Engineering understands the importance of collaboration. We work closely with our clients and partners to address and remediate their most complex environmental challenges.