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North Dakota Environmental Solutions

Partnering with Pinnacle Engineering gives you access to a team of professionals offering full-service environmental solutions and engineering support. We have field service staff ready to assist across North Dakota and Montana.

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Environmental Engineering & Equipment North Dakota

Environmental permitting, engineering, and response all involve complexities that vary by the situation and region. As an Oil Spill Removal Organization (OSRO), you can also count on a safe and effective response to contain and remediate hazardous substances. Our knowledge of environmental regulations and permitting ensures that all work performed meets local compliance and reporting guidelines. 

Equipped to handle any scenario, we work with you to deploy the right teams and equipment to address your environmental concerns.

  • Hazardous Material Cleanup
  • Industrial Waste Management
  • Emergency Spill Response
  • Stormwater Management
  • Dewatering
  • Remediation
  • Aerial Inspection 
  • Demolition
  • Site Planning and Assessment
  • Vacuum Trucks
  • Excavation equipment
  • Water Management Equipment
  • Ground Thawing Equipment
  • Earthwork Equipment
  • OSRO Equipment
  • Drones and UAVs
  • Tank Car Cleaning & Repair
  • Tank Cleaning & Repair
  • Tank Removal

North Dakota Environmental Services

Ensuring proper planning, compliance, and resolution for all types of environmental challenges, our local experts respond quickly to help you tackle environmental issues head-on.

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Environmental Remediation

Environmental Remediation

Site investigations and testing, site assessments, industrial permitting and reporting, third-party and due diligence reviews, natural resource (NEPA) permitting, and environmental assessment and forensics.
Emergency Response

Emergency Response

24/7 response, ICS (Incident Command System) services,  ecological assessments, environmental media sampling, site logistics management, waste management, and regulatory representation.
Aerial Drone Inspection

Aerial Drone Inspection

Aerial site monitoring, site mapping and imagery, survey work (LiDAR) and construction monitoring, time-lapse video, and topographical monitoring.

Pinnacle is always there for us. Their broad range of expertise from environmental response to environmental permitting to their vast subcontractor network makes them an invaluable resource to our organization. I call them for everything from routine projects to large-scale rail-based incidents. I’m thankful to have them as a partner.

Manager of Environmental Remediation-Class I Railroad

Environmental Engineering Solutions for a Better Tomorrow

Pinnacle Engineering understands the importance of collaboration and being responsible stewards of the environment. We work closely with clients and partners across North Dakota and Montana to address and remediate the most complex environmental challenges. 

Whether you are planning a project or need emergency inspection and response support, our team is here to help you find practical solutions to complex problems.