Under a long standing Custom Compliance Services Package, a service Pinnacle Engineering offers to manufacturing and industrial clients, Pinnacle has provided environmental compliance services for more than 12 years to two wood furniture manufacturing facilities located in Minnesota and South Dakota.  Compliance-related services completed under this package include the development and reporting of the facilities’ annual Emission Inventory Reports (EIR), Toxic Release Inventory (TRI) reports, Tier II reports, Semi-Annual Deviation reports, Semi-Annual Continuous Compliance (NESHAP) reports, Annual Compliance Reports, and Hazardous Waste Biennial reports.  In addition to assisting the facilities in meeting their environmental reporting requirements, Pinnacle has provided ongoing environmental auditing, hazardous waste training, stormwater permitting and monitoring, air permitting (through both modifications and Title V renewal applications), hood certifications, and air emission database support services.   

As wood product manufacturers, both facilities produce a large amount of wood waste.  The Minnesota manufacturer wanted to recycle its scrap wood and baghouse dust to be reused as animal bedding; however, under Minnesota rules, companies are not allowed to send adulterated wood (classified as solid waste) to recycling facilities.  Pinnacle tested the adulterated wood, submitted an application to the MPCA, and received a Case-Specific Beneficial Use Determination authorizing the facility to reuse the wood waste in a beneficial way that was approved by the State.  In 2012, Pinnacle negotiated an updated agreement with the MPCA, allowing testing to be conducted every five years instead of annually and saving the client several thousand dollars over the term of the agreement with the MPCA.