Unmanned Aerial SYSTEMS

An Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS), sometimes called a drone, is an aircraft without a human pilot onboard - instead, the UAS is controlled from an operator on the ground.  These UAS are used to gather data previously compiled by boots-on-the-ground scientists, inspectors, technicians and other professionals.  They also gather visual and scientific data previously unavailable without use of satellites or manned aircraft, making new information available on even small projects to help you make informed decisions faster.  

Pinnacle Engineering, Inc., staffs 8 FAA-Part 107 Certified Pilots across four Midwest offices, with flying experience in emergency response, inspections and monitoring, as well as surveying.  We understand that time is critical on projects and we offer a one-day turnaround time for 2D basemaps, aerial photos, 3D models, plant health indicator models, and videos.  Expedited turnaround times are also available for terrain models and other deliverables requiring processing.

By utilizing Pinnacle’s UAS services, you take your project to new heights.



Pinnacle Engineering employs 9 pilots across 4 offices who are Part 107 commercially certified by the FAA to operate UAS's.  Our UAS fleet contains 3 different models, 10 in total, that have different uses and application options, depending on client's needs.  All of our pilots have experience in flying situations such as emergency response, modeling & surveying, various inspections, and other engineering applications. 



  • Emergency Planning and Response
  • Thermal Imaging
  • 3D Modeling
  • Stockpile Volumetric Calculations
  • Plant and Vegetation Health
  • Wetland Identification
  • Right of Way Survey
  • SCAT (Shoreline Cleanup Assessment Technique) 
  • Infrastructure/Compliance Inspections
  • Georeferenced, Orhtorectified Base Maps
  • Sub-Contractor Invoice Validation
  • 4K Video Documentation
  • Aerial Hi-Resolution Photography
  • Project Pre-Planning
  • Construction & Restoration Monitoring
  • Aerial Surveying




Inspections are critical in many areas of world today in an effort to protect the environment and enhance workplace safety.  Pinnacle is ready to make this process easier than its ever been.  UAS's allows us to access areas that might otherwise be dangerous, time-consuming, and expensive.  We give clients peace of mind on a project by removing the risks that used to be an everyday part of the job. 

20150528_DRONE (45).jpg


Monitoring a work site can be necessary for a variety of reasons.  Having the ability to document changes to a site or property using a UAS can provide the clarity that typical activities cannot.  Make decisions faster by utilizing real-time contour maps and improve workflows with real-time measurements including distance, area, and volume.  



    Unmanned Aerial Systems can also be incredibly useful to plan certain activities or to identify an object or area.  Train new employees easier using labeled photos and videos identifying structures, roads, tracks, etc.  Clearly illustrate important safety information such as evacuation routes and meeting points for RMP/FRP plans.  



    UAS mapping is a powerful new tool for everything from inspections to site monitoring, giving the ability to safely capture high-resolution aerial views very quickly.  Pinnacle Engineering utilizes ground control points to give clients interactive elevations maps and 3D models.