Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) are used to gather data previously compiled by boots-on-the-ground scientists, inspectors, technicians and other professionals.  They also gather visual and scientific data previously unavailable without use of satellites or manned aircraft, making new information available on even small projects to help you make informed decisions faster.  

Pinnacle Engineering, Inc., staffs 9 FAA-Certified Pilots across four Midwest offices, with flying experience in emergency response, inspections and monitoring, as well as surveying.  We understand that time is critical on projects and we offer a one-day turnaround time for 2D basemaps, aerial photos, 3D models, plant health indicator models, and videos.  Expedited turnaround times are also available for terrain models and other deliverables requiring processing.

By utilizing Pinnacle’s UAV services, you take your project to new heights.


-Infrastructure/Compliance Inspections-
-Georeferenced Orhtorectified Base Maps-
-Sub-Contractor Invoice Validation-
-4K Video Documentation-
-Aerial Hi-Resolution Photography-
-Construction & Restoration Monitoring-
-Aerial Surveying-



  • 2 Drones Locally in Maple Grove Office
    (1 can perform 3-D related features)
  • 9 Pilots across 4 offices certified by the FAA to operate drones

*Pilot experience ranges from emergency response, inspections of various kinds, and for engineering applications


  • Aerial Photos (Images are watermarked until client selects desired images from flight or inspection)
  • 2D Georeferenced, Orthorectified Base Map
  • 3D Model
  • Stockpile Volumetric Calculations
  • 1 Foot Contours (Surface Model)
  • Plant Health Map


  • Without survey ground control points (GCPs), only volume calculations, 2D maps, and 3D models are available.
  • With 4-10 GCPs, contour exports and all other deliverables range from 2-5 cm horizontal, 3-6 cm vertical accuracy.
  • Contours are Digital Surface Models (DSMs), where trees and buildings are incorporated into contours.  In the winter, adjacent ground surfaces are easily captured and bare trees can be removed from the model easily with next day processing time.
  • We understand you have surveyors in your staff.  To save you cost, you could shoot the GCP points for us quite easily and transit the .csv file for the high accuracy needs.