Pinnacle Engineering was retained by a rail client to ensure that the railroad’s fueling operations conform to Spill Prevention, Control and Countermeasure (SPCC) regulations.  A 10,000 gallon containment tank, covered by a concrete slab, had previously been installed to capture possible spills, but storm water contaminated from oil drips and minor fuel spillage had to be constantly pumped from the tank.


Pinnacle Engineering was retained by a Class I railroad client to respond to a train derailment at a remote location near the Mississippi River.  Access to the derailment was very limited, consisting of a bike trail and a maintenance roadway designed for vehicular, but not construction, traffic.  Public roadways leading to the site also were designed for local residential traffic, not heavy construction traffic.

Pinnacle Engineering - Railroad Projects - Class 1 Railroad Derailment


Pinnacle Engineering was hired by a Class I railroad to direct emergency response efforts related to a crude oil train derailment, oil release and fire that occurred adjacent to a large wetland area in rural North Dakota. 

Pinnacle Engineering - Rail Projects - Hydraulic Analysis


Pinnacle Engineering was retained by a rail client to provide hydraulic analysis of an area which was flooded following extreme rainfall events.  Heavy rains, combined with overtopping of an area reservoir, flooded the client’s mainline track and caused a washout and subsequent train derailment adjacent to a National Wildlife Refuge.

Pinnacle Engineering - Rail Projects - North Dakota Midstream Crude Oil Facility


Pinnacle Engineering assisted a North Dakota client with environmental issues related to an existing four-track (40 cars each) facility that transloaded crude oil from trucks to rail cars in North Dakota.  Pinnacle provided additional services for the client by preparing a feasibility study for a loop track transloading facility, which would enable the client to dramatically reduce loading and shipping costs.

Pinnacle Engineering - Rail Projects - Fast Track Remediation


Pinnacle was hired by a railroad client to complete an assessment and remediation of contaminated soil impacted from past spills of crude oil at a truck-to-rail trans-loading facility in North Dakota.  In total, 84 recorded spills were assessed, along with nearly 300 stains documented as part of site reconnaissance prior to the initiation of the assessment field program.  At the time Pinnacle was hired, excavations had been completed in a number of the spill locations.

Pinnacle Engineering - Rail Projects - Hydraulic Assessment


Pinnacle Engineering was retained by a rail client to investigate complaints by a City and an area farmer whose land flooded following heavy rainfall. The City and farmer believed the flooding was caused by inadequate drainage capacity through two culverts on railroad property:  an old cast concrete arch culvert running parallel to the rail client’s tracks and passing under a County Road; and a steel culvert leading from the city into a State Highway ditch and passing under the client’s tracks.  

Pinnacle Engineering - Rail Projects - Area Flood Assessment


Pinnacle Engineering was retained by a rail client to analyze approximately 29 miles of mainline track adjacent to a major river system which had experienced a significant number of washouts during extreme flooding.  A majority of the rail line was in a remote area, and survey and flood data were not readily available.  Analysis was required as quickly as possible so that new, properly sized culverts could be installed as rail roadbeds were repaired and similar damage in future flooding events could be avoided.

Pinnacle Engineering - Rail Projects - Major Erosion


Erosion of a river was encroaching on a rail bed owned by a Class I Railroad client, and the client attempted to stop the erosion by placing rip-rap along the embankment.  This attempt failed, and the client hired Pinnacle Engineering to recommend and implement a solution.