Companies processing hazardous materials have adopted one or more versions of a Process Safety Management (PSM) program, but the fragmented approach reflected in most of these efforts is a root cause of the limited success in reducing process incidents.  The activities typically identified as PSM program elements are interdependent and must be managed together to ensure an effective and sustainable Process Safety Culture.

There is significant overlap between the Process Safety Management (PSM) and Risk Management Plan (RMP) regulations and goals.  Because of this overlap, efficiencies are gained by combining the requirements of the rules under common overall management.  Pinnacle will assist you in meeting the regulatory requirements for process safety management.  Additionally, Pinnacle will assist you in developing and supporting an effective, integrated process safety management program specific to your needs.



Facility Specific PSM and RMP Written Management Programs

Pinnacle’s experienced engineers will get to know your process and will take the time to learn who you are, to assist you in designing and implementing a program that suits your management style and culture.  A facility-specific management program will assist you in implementing a real-world measure to improve process safety, reduce risk, and prevent catastrophic accidents. 

PSM/RMP Compliance Audits

Audits are the ongoing quality assurance process to ensure your PSM and RMP systems are current, accurate, and effective.  Pinnacle’s engineers understand the regulations and industry best practices.  We will assist you in gathering the appropriate data while maintaining a high level of credibility.  Pinnacle will work with your audit team through continuous communication with facility personnel to ensure that they understand the audit process, and to provide a complete evaluation of compliance. 

Process Hazard Analysis (PHA)

A PHA is a systematic analysis of the processes to identify potential hazards and develop mitigation solutions, including additional equipment, procedural modifications, and operator training.  A complete and effective PHA will identify all potential hazards and worst case consequences associated with a release of hazardous materials including fires, explosions, and exposure to toxic materials.  Pinnacle can facilitate your PHA to assure a complete, effective, and efficient analysis.

Offsite Consequence Analysis

The goal of an Offsite Consequence Analysis is to determine distances to toxic or flammable endpoints from a potential chemical release.  This information is vital in aiding emergency response crews and company officials with emergency response planning and when responding to an emergency situation.  Once the analysis is complete, it is made available to the public and government agencies through your RMP filing.

Process Specific PSM/RMP Training

Pinnacle can provide facility-specific PSM/RMP training, including outlining the responsibilities of the PSM/RMP team members such as maintenance, safety, management, environmental, and operators.  Our training covers:

  • PSM/RMP Regulatory Requirements
  • Implementation Strategies
  • Industry Best Practices

RMP Submittal Updates

The Environmental Protection Agency requires facilities that store or process listed hazardous materials above threshold quantities to submit accident prevention information.  This submittal process is required every five years and can potentially be a daunting task.  Pinnacle’s experts can guide you through the process to ensure the submittal of a complete, compliant, and accurate RMP submittal. 

Mechanical Integrity Management Program

Mechanical Integrity programs have proven to be one of the most difficult PSM elements to effectively develop and implement.  Our professional engineering staff  have the experience and capabilities to help you overcome this challenge and create an effective mechanical integrity program based on a thorough understanding of your process and regulatory requirements.



If you are in need of assistance with a project, or would like to know more about our PSM/RMP services., please contact:

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