Pinnacle Engineering, Inc. maintains response preparation guidelines to become OSRO (Oil Spill Removal Organization) classified, allowing Pinnacle to offer OSRO services.

 The United States Coast Guard established the Oil Spill Removal Organization classification in response to regulatory requirements of OPA 90.  OSRO was developed to assist oil handling facilities and vessels in preparing spill response plans and incident readiness.

 From immediate phone consultation to prompt emergency response to an incident, clients receive a full-service solution by selecting Pinnacle’s OSRO services.  With this classification, along with the vast subcontractor network that has been established, Pinnacle Engineering is able to extend its full-service capabilities.


  • Site Specific Plan Training

  • Regulatory Representation

  • 24/7 Response

  • Facility Response Plan Preparation

  • Equipment Deployment Exercises


If you are in need of assistance with a project, or would like to learn more about our OSRO services, contact:

Cory Teff
Office: 763.277.8437   Cell: 651.373.1086

Matt Richardson
Cell: 701.361.1574