Pinnacle Engineering provides wetland delineation and permitting support to a variety of clients, including agribusiness companies, farmer cooperatives, energy companies, civil engineering firms, railroads, telecommunication providers, mining operations, private developers, and municipalities.   Projects range from small local developments to large infrastructure projects located across the Upper Midwest and Central United States. 

A typical project begins with Pinnacle performing an off-site wetland determination in conformance with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (ACOE) Wetland Delineation Manual.  Wetland determinations include a review of historical aerial photographs, weather conditions at the time of the aerial photographs, Natural Resources Conservation Services’ soil survey, and National Wetland Inventory Maps.  Assessment findings are compiled in a written Wetland Determination report to ACOE and a request for Jurisdictional Determination.    

If the ACOE determines that any wetlands located on the site are considered jurisdictional, then Pinnacle performs on-site delineation of the wetland areas before any work is initiated within the wetland areas. A wetland delineation includes the items listed above for a wetland determination, as well as site review of soils, vegetation and hydrology.  Generally, an addendum to the Wetland Determination report, describing the wetland areas and their boundaries, is submitted to the ACOE.  Pinnacle either surveys, or provides markers for others to survey, to further demark wetland boundaries. 

If projects will disturb jurisdictional wetland areas, Pinnacle can provide solutions to challenges and keep projects moving forward by either designing and supervising mitigation alternatives within project boundaries or evaluating other mitigation options, such as purchasing credits from wetland banks. 

Additionally, Pinnacle staff have developed strong network of working relationships with local and regional regulatory authorities which provides valuable support during review and negotiations.