Larry Sibik, VP of Process Engineering Has Obtained a Patent

Larry Sibik, VP Process Engineering at Pinnacle Engineering, Inc. has obtained at patent on a Packed Bed Scrubber Using a Fusel Oil Solvent. The patent is for a two stage scrubber process applicable ethanol fermentation.

The first stage uses fusel oil to remove hazardous air pollutants and recover the majority of the ethanol. A second stage scrubber uses water as the scrubbing solvent to recover any residual ethanol that is stripped from the first stage. The first stage has been proven to adequately control emissions of acetaldehyde without the addition of bisulfite chemistry. Other benefits, including increased ethanol production and reduced energy consumption, are being proven out and quantified. To learn more about this scrubber contact Larry Sibik at The Patent No. is US 9,017,523 B2. Congratulations Larry!

(Click Image to View Patent)