Pinnacle Engineering, Inc. maintains a strong safety culture through everything we do.  Pinnacle's first and main priority is the safety of our employees and our clients.  Examples of Health and Safety initiatives include:

  • Safety is integral to the Pinnacle culture
  • Site-specific Health and Safety (H&S) Plans are established and reviewed by each Pinnacle Engineering employee prior to participation in projects.
  • Safety is discussed in the field during project safety tailgate meetings to address any specific hazards and evaluate root causes and trend analyses to ensure continual improvement.
  • Pinnacle personnel are trained in 40-hour and 8-Hour Refresher HAZWOPER courses, e-Railsafe, Quantitative Fit Testing, etc.
  • Pinnacle personnel participate in numerous tabletop and functional FRP (Facility Response Plans) and preparedness exercises to stay proficient in all aspects of response scenarios and tactical planning.

Our company is certifieid with the following services/organizations: