A national petroleum pipeline client hired Pinnacle Engineering to assist with real-time management of the client’s diverse, extensive national assets, so that tens of thousands of data points could be converted, organized, filtered and disseminated throughout the organization in whatever format the client desired each time a major asset change occurred. The client preferred the creation of a flexible database, where network assets could be filtered, queried, and analyzed, and the results pushed to multiple formats, such as Excel tables, Google Earth, GIS shapefiles, and PDFs.  The goal was that, once the database was created, each major edit or special investigative project could be accomplished quickly and inexpensively.

Pinnacle developed a GIS database capable of effecting network-wide updates on a moment’s notice.   Over 25,000 data points were filtered down to 14,000 locations and disseminated to the entire emergency response network in a single, small file. These locations were stored and are compatible with viewing on Google Earth, a future mapping project with GIS, or mass export to Microsoft Excel.