Pinnacle Engineering’s clients require high quality real-time map creation, data collection in the field, and data management for the preparation of reports.  Pinnacle provides these services with state-of-the-art surveying, mapping and plotting capabilities, including an integrated use of Geographic Information Systems (GIS).

Pinnacle incorporates use of GIS across all services and project types.  Environmental investigations and emergency response efforts rely on the use of GIS to quickly access government data on local, state or federal systems and historical information ranging from aerial photograph to mapped endangered mussel beds.  

Pinnacle utilizes GIS on engineering projects to visualize 3D surfaces, process and generate surfaces or contours from LiDAR databases, and convert publicly available data (such as FEMA floodplains) into CAD format. Data-heavy projects beyond the capabilities of Microsoft Excel rely on GIS to query, filter, categorize, and map network assets.  Pinnacle uses this critical tool to interface data to and from numerous electronic formats, including PDFs, JPEGs, Excel files, GPS, online servers, private FTPs, and CAD.

Pinnacle has also used GIS to provide standalone service to clients who are seeking to better access and manage large historical datasets.  These data include physical assets distributed across country or client operational areas and site-specific electronic inspection logs used by field staff to verify equipment readiness.  GIS can be harnessed to house, query, and represent any data on demand when integrated with mobile field systems.  These specialized GIS services are vital to clients in achieving and maintaining compliance with internal and regulatory requirements.