Pinnacle’s services provide site management and consulting during an emergency response situation: determining what services are necessary for clean-up, monitoring any duplication of efforts, coordinating communication among the contractors, and serving as a regulatory interface. After the emergency is over, Pinnacle provides ongoing project management, remediation and hazardous waste management services until the site is remediated.

Our experienced personnel are knowledgeable at problem solving in a wide variety of situations. We understand the scope of work required—providing a timely and cost effective clean-up effort. We understand your concerns as a business owner and/or operator as well. Pinnacle’s thorough site management and oversight is the key to keeping your business operating as smooth as possible during a response situation.


Spills and releases require quick response with a safe and effective use of resources.  Pinnacle Engineering, Inc. is ready to respond to:

-Regulatory Representation-
-Incident Command Services-
-Site Logistics Services-
-Site Safety Services-
-Hazardous Waste Management-
-Industrial Hygiene Monitoring-
-Site Demolition-

-Site Remediation-

  • Soil Testing & Soil Remediation
  • Air Quality Monitoring
  • Remedial Excavation
  • Biological & Solidification Treatments
  • Groundwater Remediation

Specific project examples can be found on our Emergency Response Projects page:


If you are in need of assistance with a project, or would like to learn more about our Emergency Response services, please contact:

Jim Holland
Phone: (763) 277-8412
Email: jholland@pineng.com

Matt Witzel
Phone: (763) 277-8424
Email: mwitzel@pineng.com

Matt Richardson
Phone: (701) 361-1574
Email: mrichardson@pineng.com