Pinnacle has experience remediating complex sites with petroleum-degrading archaea microorganisms, nutrient amendments, soil conditioning, and selective bacteria treatments, whether in soil, saturated soil, or water environments.

Our technical staff stay abreast of all state and federal regulations for using these advanced technologies and have extensive experience working with regulatory personnel on large scale applications, on-site pilot studies, and in sensitive natural areas.  We have conducted in-depth research studies in the field to confirm the effectiveness of the bio-remediation techniques we support.  The organisms and products we use are naturally occurring, non-toxic, pathogen-free and environmentally safe, highly tolerant to diverse environmental conditions, and produce benign by-products.  Pinnacle has compact spill kits available for a variety of sites.


Pinnacle Engineering offers alternative solutions to often costly and disruptive remediation methods with extensive knowledge of bioremediation techniques.  Pinnacle specializes in proven techniques effective against a wide array of scenarios involving:

  • Crude Oil
  • Brake Fluids and Kerosene
  • Equipment Cleaning/Decommissioning
  • Refined Petroleum Products
  • Hydraulic Fluids and Lube Oil
  • Heating Oils and Motor Oils
  • Land-Based Spills
  • Subsurface Releases
  • Wastewater/Stormwater Ponds
  • Soil Vapor Intrustion Remediation
  • Sheen on Water/Debris
  • Chlorinated Hydrocarbons in Soil/Groundwater
  • Treatment in Sensitive Areas

Specific project examples can be found on our Bioremediation Projects page:


If you're in need of assistance with a project, or would like to learn more about our Bioremediation services, contact:

Keith Rapp, PG   
Office: 763.277.8422   Cell: 612.382.3763

Lyndsey Howard, PE
Office: 763.760.8515