Pinnacle Engineering - Bioremediation Projects - Petroleum Service Station


Pinnacle Engineering was retained to perform supplemental site assessments on a portfolio of properties, mostly retail gas stations, a client had recently purchased in Minnesota, North Dakota and Montana.  The goal of the work was to initiate an assessment where little or no previous environmental investigation had been completed and to provide further delineation at sites where contamination had been previously identified.  


Pinnacle Engineering was hired by a Class I railroad to direct emergency response efforts related to a crude oil train derailment, oil release and fire that occurred adjacent to a large wetland area in rural North Dakota. 

Pinnacle Engineering - Bioremediation Projects - Granite Quarry Vandalism


Pinnacle Engineering was hired by the operator of a granite mining and aggregate facility to respond to an incident in which vandals set fire to numerous pieces of stationary and mobile material handling equipment and a building storing solvent, paint and oil; drained oils from lubrication systems on large crushing and conveyance systems; and opened two delivery nozzles on a large above-ground diesel fuel storage tank. 

Pinnacle Engineering - Bioremediation Projects - Bioremediation Pilot Study


Pinnacle Engineering was hired to examine the effectiveness of several bioremediation products on various components of Bakken crude oil following a crude oil leak onto a rail line that saturated an adjacent complex mixture of railroad ballast and sandy heterogeneous soil. The spill occurred in frozen soil conditions, with significant subsurface transport over several weeks, and the crude oil underwent some degree of weathering through the spring thaw.