A Class I Railroad hired Pinnacle Engineering to create a field tool which was interactive, yet did not require an internet connection to use, and which would ultimately display all network-wide response assets (both contractors and client-owned) on a functional map and a master table that fit onto a single piece of paper. The client wanted all resource types and contractors displayed clearly along its network and shown on four regional maps.  

Data was provided to Pinnacle in a variety of formats, including an Excel table, photos of other resource maps, KML (Google Earth), and GIS shapefiles.  All data had to be integrated into GIS to create a uniform map, while preserving the addresses and emergency contacts stored with the data, and the resulting tool had to be available in hard copy and electronic format.

Using GIS, Pinnacle designed a one page “Active PDF” map package for each region.  This tool enables any user to view map resource assets independently if desired and to pop up additional information about a particular resource when selected. The back of the page includes a reference table showing each response asset’s name, type, address, and contact information in hard copy. This allows users to easily email, print, and use the Active PDF tool without exceeding attachment sizes, or the need for special software or training.